.30cal Mil-Spec Can Liner
.30cal Mil-Spec Can Liner
.30cal Mil-Spec Can Liner
.30cal Mil-Spec Can Liner

.30cal Mil-Spec Can Liner

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Anti Rust .30cal Mil-Spec Can Liner

Arms Preservation Inc. Anti Corrosion .30cal Ammo Can Liners are designed to offer a form fit with the Mil-Spec 30 Cal 7.62 Ammo Can so that no internal space is wasted. Cartridges may remain in factory packaging as long as the tray inside is hard plastic and not Styrofoam.  Combining the ammo cans heavy duty gasket with our VCI liner helps create a controlled micro environment full of anti corrosion chemistry that can preserve ammo for five years or longer depending on use.

Convenient for storing a wide range of ammo:

  • 9mm
  • .22lr
  • 223/556
  • 12ga
  • and other centerfire, shotgun, and rimfire rounds.

Primers, reloading equipment, magazines, spare parts, and range gear can be safely stored inside the .30cal can liner. Desiccant packs can be used in combination with Arms Preservation Bags, however, are not necessary.  *Ammo Can not included.