Are VCI Gun Bags Good?

VCI Firearm Storage Bags offer fail safe corrosion prevention by creating a controlled microenvironment full of VCI chemistry.  VCI molecules can reach all external and internal metal surfaces for a fully protected firearm. VCI chemistry provides complete rust protection unlike messy oils and greases.

How Long Do VCI Storage Bags Last?

Arms Preservation Inc. VCI Firearm Storage Bags were designed to last longer than any other VCI storage bag available. We have combined VCI materials with proven flexible packaging barrier materials to extend the life of our VCI Bags to 5+ years depending on use.  Similar single layer VCI poly bags typically last upwards of 3 years at most.

Can You Reuse VCI Gun Storage Bags?

Arms Preservation Inc. Firearm Storage Bags were designed to be reusable.  Unlike similar VCI Gun Bags that require the use of tape, zip ties, or even heat sealing equipment, Arms Preservation Inc. Firearm Storage Bags come with convenient preinstalled heavy duty Velcro® closures.

Are VCI Storage Bags Safe For Guns and Ammo?

VCI storage bags are safe for all firearm metals and finishes, ammunition storage, optics, electronics, wood or synthetic grips & stocks, and spare firearm parts and accessories.  This is because VCI molecules leave no messy residues behind once they dissipate off of the preserved item.  Ammunition powder and primers are perfectly safe in VCI storage bags and will remain dry and corrosion free.

What Are VCI Bags Made From?

Arms Preservation Inc. VCI Gun Storage Bags are made with a combination of materials to offer superior performance over similar VCI bags.  The inside layer of the Arms Preservation VCI storage bags is a 4mil thick polyethylene protective film and the exterior layer is a proven flexible barrier layer that not only locks in the protective VCI molecules but also blocks oxygen and moisture vapor from the surrounding atmosphere.