About Us

Our mission is to preserve America's 2A history by offering unmatched firearm rust prevention solutions made entirely from American-sourced materials and labor. We have applied what we've learned from careers in preservation and Mil-Spec packaging and designed the industry's longest lasting VCI firearm storage bags.

Arms Preservation Inc. Storage Bags are designed to offer firearm owners the longest-lasting/reusable gun rust prevention while also being the most durable gun storage bags possible.  

Designed to exceed the various firearm storage demands of:

  • 2A Enthusiasts looking to prevent rust in their gun safes and cases
  • Preserving priceless family heirlooms that may rarely or never get shot
  • Hunters looking to store a zeroed shotgun or rifle during the off-season
  • Shooting competitors looking to prevent corrosion between skirmishes
  • Armories responsible for storing law enforcement or military small arms
  • Military M9, M4 Rifle, M2, MK19, M60, M249 storage applications
  • Law enforcement evidence preservation
  • OEM applications
  • Any other metal object storage: reloading tools, household tools, jewelry, fishing equipment, bullion

Arms Preservation Inc. Storage Bags offer easy-to-use anti-corrosion protection without causing any harm to stocks, grips, optics, ammunition, or any metal finishes.  

What you can expect from A.P.I. Storage Bags:

  • Prevents rust for 5 years with constant monthly use and upwards of 10 years when rarely used such as once or twice a year.  Similar bags at best will only last upwards of 2-3 years when rarely used.
  • API gun bags last longer due to the addition of a unique external barrier layer that only allows the VCI chemistry to be off gassed into the bag while also blocking moisture from the outer atmosphere.  
  • Our storage bags create a controlled microenvironment rich with anti corrosion chemistry that also blocks the external atmosphere from permeating the VCI material which can occur with similar single-layer VCI poly bags.
  • API gun bags also come with preinstalled Velcro® closures that provide convenience as well as additional safety as they can withstand the weight of a firearm keeping it secure inside the bag.  Some similar bags use small press to close zippers whereas most others require the use of zip ties or even require a heat sealer to shut the bags.  
  • All of our raw materials are sourced in the US and our bags are manufactured with American labor.
  • Our thick durable materials also provide additional ding and scratch protection in crowded safes, cages, or racks.