About Us

Our mission is to preserve America's 2A history by offering unmatched rust prevention solutions made entirely from American sourced materials and labor.

Arms Preservation Inc. Storage Bags are designed to offer firearm owners the longest-lasting/reusable corrosion protection while also being the most durable gun storage bags possible.  

Designed to exceed the various firearm storage demands of:

  • 2A Enthusiasts looking to prevent rust in their gun safes and cases
  • Preserving priceless family heirlooms that may rarely or never get shot
  • Hunters looking to store a zeroed shotgun or rifle during the off-season
  • Shooting competitors looking to prevent corrosion between skirmishes
  • Armories responsible for storing law enforcement or military small arms
  • Military M9, M4 Rifle, M2, MK19, M60, M249 storage applications
  • Law enforcement evidence preservation
  • OEM applications
  • Any other metal object storage: reloading tools, household tools, jewelry, fishing equipment, bullion

Arms Preservation Inc. Storage Bags offer easy-to-use anti-corrosion protection without causing any harm to stocks, grips, optics, ammunition, or any metal finishes.  

What you can expect from A.P.I. Storage Bags:

  • 5+ Years of Corrosion Protection
  • Protection of External AND internal metal surfaces
  • No Messy Oils or Greases
  • Leaves No Residues Behind
  • Tear Resistant Material
  • Non-abrasive Interior
  • Safe for Optics, magazines, lasers, lights, and ammunition
  • Perfect for Short & Long Term Storage
  • Pistol Storage Bags
  • Rifle Storage Bags
  • Shotgun Storage Bags
  • Mil-Spec .30 Cal & .50 Cal Ammo Can Liners