Arms Preservation Inc. Anti Rust VCI Rifle Storage Bag

Fail-Safe Firearm Rust Prevention

Arms Preservation Inc. Anti Rust Gun Storage Bags, Pistol, Rifle

Benefits of VCI Gun Storage Bags

- 5+ Years of Reusable Firearm Rust Prevention. Combined Barrier & VCI Materials For Longer Lasting Gun Rust Prevention

- VCI Fail-Safe Protection Prevents Rust on External AND Internal Gun Surfaces. VCI Leaves No Messy Oils or Greases

- Easy To Use Reusable Heavy Duty Closures (No Taping, No Zip Ties, No Heat Sealing)

- Durable Tear Resistant Materials

- Convenient for Short & Long Term Pistol, Shotgun, or Rifle Storage

- Proudly Made in the U.S.A.

Arms Preservation Inc. American Made Pistol Storage Bags
Arms Preservation Inc. Anti Rust Pistol Storage Bag with Velcro Closure

Gun Bag Storage

We've combined flexible packaging science, manufacturing experience, and a passion for the Second Amendment to offer the industry's most durable and longest-lasting Gun Rust Prevention Storage Bags.

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