Arms Preservation Inc. VCI Firearm Storage Bags Vs The Other VCI Gun Bags - Arms Preservation Inc

Highly Engineered For Better Gun Rust Protection

Arms Preservation Inc. VCI Long Term Firearm Storage Bags offer several significant advantages over similar single layer VCI poly storage bags:

  1. Enhanced Material Thickness: Arms Preservation Inc. bags are constructed with a total thickness of 8 mil (0.008 inches), whereas similar bags use a single layer of 4 mil (0.004 inches) VCI polyethylene. This increased thickness provides greater durability and protection against tears, punctures, and environmental elements.

  2. External Barrier Layer: Unlike standard VCI bags, Arms Preservation Inc. bags feature an external barrier layer in addition to the VCI material. This barrier layer serves a crucial role: it prevents the VCI material from off-gassing into the surrounding atmosphere. The exterior barrier layer also prevents oxygen and moisture vapor from permeating the VCI material into the bag which can happen with single layer polyethylene bags. In contrast, traditional VCI bags allow the VCI molecules to off gas both into the bag and the surrounding atmosphere. This feature ensures that the VCI material remains effective inside the bag, prolonging its ability to protect the firearm from corrosion for five years or more depending on use.

  3. Longer Shelf Life: Due to the external barrier layer and the overall construction, Arms Preservation Inc. VCI Gun Bags have a longer lifespan of five years or more compared to standard VCI poly bags which last 2-3 years.

  4. Ease of Use: Arms Preservation Inc. Gun Storage Bags come equipped with preinstalled Velcro® closures. This design feature enhances convenience and reusability, allowing easy access to the firearm without the need for heat sealing equipment, tapes, or twist ties. It simplifies the process of storing and retrieving firearms, making it more user-friendly compared to other VCI bags that require additional sealing methods.

Arms Preservation Inc. VCI Firearm Storage Bags excel in durability, longevity, and ease of use due to their thicker construction, external barrier layer preventing off-gassing, and convenient closure system. These features make them a superior choice for protecting firearms from corrosion and environmental damage over traditional single layer VCI poly bags.


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