Anti Rust VCI Storage Bags VS. Film Foil and PET Bags - Arms Preservation Inc

When considering long-term gun storage and the prevention of rust, Arms Preservation Inc. VCI Gun Storage Bags offer several distinct advantages over film foil and PET (Mylar®) alternatives:

1. Superior Corrosion Protection:

Arms Preservation Inc. VCI storage bags are engineered with a unique combination of materials that emit and lock in volatile corrosion inhibitors (VCI). These inhibitors form a protective molecular layer on all metal surfaces of firearms, effectively preventing rust and corrosion. Unlike Film Foil and mylar PET bags, which do not offer targeted corrosion protection, Arms Preservation Inc. VCI bags ensure firearms remain in optimal condition even during extended storage periods of five years or more depending on use.

2. Ease of Use and Durability:

VCI Gun Storage Bags are specifically designed to protect firearms without the need for additional measures like desiccants or moisture absorbers. The VCI technology works on all exposed metal surfaces within the bag, ensuring comprehensive rust prevention. This efficiency is crucial for maintaining the condition of firearms stored for months or even years. In comparison, film foil and PET (Mylar®) bags may require supplementary steps to achieve similar levels of gun rust protection, adding complexity and potentially compromising the effectiveness of long-term storage solutions.

3. Transparency and Inspection:

Arms Preservation Inc. VCI bags are semi transparent, allowing for easy visual inspection of firearms without exposing them to external elements. This transparency ensures that gun owners can verify the condition of their firearms without compromising the protective environment inside the bag.

4. Long-Term Effectiveness:

These VCI bags provide continuous corrosion protection without the need for maintenance or reapplication of inhibitors or replacing desiccant packs. This long-term effectiveness is crucial for guns stored in vaults, safes, or other secure locations where minimal handling and maximum preservation are priorities.

5. Versatility and Comprehensive Protection:

Arms Preservation Inc. VCI bags are versatile and can be used inside gun cases or safes to provide fail safe protection against moisture, dust, and other contaminants. They are suitable for a wide range of firearms, including rifles, handguns, and antique guns, ensuring that each firearm remains in pristine condition over time.


Choosing Arms Preservation Inc. VCI storage bags for long-term gun storage offers distinct advantages over Film Foil and mylar PET bags. From superior corrosion protection and ease of use to transparency and environmental responsibility, these bags provide a reliable solution for preserving the condition and value of firearms. By investing in Arms Preservation Inc. VCI storage bags, gun owners can ensure their firearms are securely stored and well-maintained, ready for use whenever needed without the risk of corrosion-related damage.


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