VCI Storage Bag Instructions

Three Simple Steps For Fail Safe Long Term Firearm Rust Prevention

  1. Clean The Firearm: Properly clean your firearm after each heavy use. Use high-quality firearm cleaning products, such as Breakthrough® Cleaning Products, to remove fouling, residues, moisture. Make sure to disassemble the firearm if necessary to clean all components thoroughly. Apply a thin layer of Breakthrough® Clean Technologies High Purity Oil to the surfaces requiring lubrication. This helps prevent friction, reduces wear, and provides an additional layer of metal protection. A thin coating of Metal Defense Anti Rust Spray can be applied to daily CCW pistols or Home Defense shotguns and rifles.  

  2. Insert The Clean Firearm Into A VCI Gun Bag: Make sure the firearm is clean and dry before placing it in the VCI storage bag. Open the pre-installed Velcro® closure and gently slide the firearm into the bag. Once the firearm is inside the bag simply press the Velcro closure shut and the firearm is ready to be stored. The presence of metal immediately begins to draw the protective VCI molecules from the bag material which are attracted to the external and internal surfaces of the firearm.  Firearms can be stored with optics and electronics still mounted as well as loaded if desired.  

  3. Removing the firearm: When it is time for the firearm to be removed from the storage bag simply open the Velcro closure and gently remove the firearm from the bag. Once the firearm is removed from the storage bag, the protective VCI molecules dissipate from the metal surface leaving behind no messy residues allowing the firearm to be used directly out of the bag without any cleaning or preparation needed.  

Three Simple Steps For Fail Safe Firearm Rust Prevention