Anti Rust M4 Rifle Storage Bag

Anti Rust M4 Rifle VCI Storage Bag

The Anti Rust M4 Rifle Storage Bag is Arms Preservation Inc’s solution to the US Air Force’s need for a better fitting M4 rifle storage bag to be used in conjunction with storage racks.

Arms Preservation Inc. Anti Rust VCI M4 Rifle Storage Bag

The M4 Rifle Storage Bag measures 14” x 36” OD and is designed to safely store modern rifles with a 16” barrel or shorter with collapsible or folding stocks in a more appropriately sized bag that takes up less room in your safe or weapon rack.  Depending on a rifle's overall height, optics, magazines, and other accessories may remain mounted and are unaffected by VCI molecules. The Arms Preservation Compact M4 Rifle Storage bag is the most convenient storage and rust preventative solution for firearms such as the AR15, AR15 Pistols, AK47, or bullpup shotguns.  These VCI pistol storage bags are designed to be durable yet pliable allowing them to fit in most gun safes, armory weapon racks, and hard or soft rifle cases.  This is achieved by combining proven flexible barrier and VCI materials which offer both superior durability and longer lasting rust protection.  The unique combination of materials and Velcro closure is what sets A.P.I. Gun Bags apart from similar single layer VCI poly bags which are less durable and only last 2-3 years at most where as Arms Preservation Bags will last a minimum of 5 years.

VCI Weapon Storage Bag Benefits

  • Universal Fit for Modern Repeating Rifles
  • Ideal fit for Rifles with 16" barrels or less with collapsable or folding stocks
  • VCI molecules protect external & internal metal surfaces for 100% coverage
  • Easy to use Velcro Closure
  • Controlled microenvironment full of anti-corrosion chemistry
  • 5+ years of use depending on use
  • Non-abrasive interior, safe for optics
  • Rifles are ready to use right out of the bag

Arms Preservation Compact M4 Rifle Storage Bags are ideal when there are Rifles and Bullpup Shotguns that are rarely or frequently used due to the re-usable Velcro closure system, unlike similar bags which require the bags to be heat sealed, taped, or zip tied shut. Depending on how often you remove your rifle from the storage bag, the Arms Preservation Inc Velcro Compact Tactical Rifle Bag will offer anti corrosion protection for 5+ years.