.50 Cal Can Liner

Arms Preservation Anti Corrosion .50cal Can Liners are designed to maximize storage capacity by being form fit to the Mil-Spec – 50 Cal M2A1 Can. The air-tight and waterproof press to close zipper closure helps seal in the protective VCI chemistry which can extend the anti corrosive effectiveness of the liner far beyond 5 years.  Ammunition may be stored in the factory packaging as long as the tray inside is hard plastic and not Styrofoam.  

Convenient for storing a wide range of ammo:

  • 9mm
  • .22lr
  • 223/556,
  • 12ga
  • and other centerfire, shotgun, and rimfire rounds.

Primers, reloading equipment, magazines, spare parts, and range gear can be safely stored inside the .50cal Can Liner. The use of desiccant packs are not necessary and should never come in direct contact with a metal surface.  *Ammo can not included.