11x15 Velcro Storage Bag (CCW)

Arms Preservation Anti Corrosion CCW Storage Bags measure 11" x 15" OD and are designed to prevent corrosion for items ranging form subcompact polymer frame semi-auto's to full size metal revolvers during long or short periods of storage. Depending on overall height, optics may remain mounted as glass is unaffected by VCI molecules. 

Arms Preservation CCW Storage Bags offer unmatched rust prevention by creating a controlled micro environment full of anti corrosion chemistry.  This controlled micro environment is what makes this bag one of the most effective storage solutions for handguns ranging from small subcompacts such as the P365 or G43 to the full size 1911's, G17's, or P320's

Arms Preservation Anti Corrosion Storage Bags are an ideal solution when there are CCW's that are used often or rarely due to the easy to use Velcro closure system, unlike competing bags that require users to heat seal or zip tie the bag shut.  Depending on how often an item is removed from the storage bag, the Arms Preservation Velcro CCW Storage Bag is capable of anti-corrosion protection for 5+ years.