Poly VCI waterproof heat sealant weapons bags for long term firearm storage

Why VCI anti-rust storage bags are the most convenient options for fire arm rust prevention. 

Poly VCI Gun Bag For Long Term Weapon Storage

VCI (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor) anti-rust storage bags offer several advantages over traditional methods of rust prevention such as desiccant packs, oils and greases, dehumidifiers, and heating rods. Here are some of the benefits of VCI storage bags for short or long term firearm storage:

  1. Environmentally Friendly: VCI bags are environmentally friendly because they do not rely on chemicals or oils that can be harmful to the environment or people. They release non-toxic vapor molecules that protect all metal surfaces from corrosion.

  2. Easy to Use: VCI storage bags are simple to use, just place your metal items inside the bag and seal it. There is no need for messy oils, greases, or the installation of additional equipment like dehumidifiers or heating rods.

  3. Protection Inside and Out: VCI bags provide 360-degree protection for your stored firearms. The VCI molecules form an invisible protective layer that adheres to both the interior and exterior surfaces of the metal, ensuring complete rust protection.

  4. Longer-lasting Protection: A.P.I. VCI gun bags provide longer lasting protection than any similar bag avaialable. The VCI molecules continue to release vapor and protect metal items for at least five years without the need for frequent maintenance or reapplication.

  5. No Residue or Cleanup: Unlike oils and greases, VCI bags do not leave behind any residue on your firearms, ammunition, or optics. This means that you can take your firearms out of the bags and use them immediately without the need for cleaning or degreasing.

  6. No Energy Consumption: VCI bags do not require electricity or energy to function, unlike dehumidifiers and heating rods, which can consume energy and increase operational costs.  VCI bags are also not susceptible to power outages.

  7. Suitable for Various Metal Types: VCI bags are effective for a wide range of metal types, including steel, iron, aluminum, copper, and more. They provide a versatile solution for protecting various metal items.

  8. Space-efficient: VCI bags are pliable yet durable so excess material can be wrapped around the firearm preserving space in the gun safe. This makes them suitable for a variety of storage environments, including in hard or soft gun cases.

  9. Low Maintenance: VCI bags require minimal maintenance compared to other methods. You only need to ensure the bags remain sealed and intact to maintain their effectiveness.

  10. Easy Inspection: Arms Preservation Inc. VCI gun storage bags are  translucent, allowing for easy visual inspection of the items inside without the need to open the bags. This helps you monitor the condition of your metal items during long term storage.


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